Some couples find it difficult to take time off their jobs or they are working different shifts, or you're coming in from a different state or county.

For those who are interested, I offer couples who are getting married anywhere in California the convenience of  providing you with a Confidential Marriage License (couples already living together) and as a Notary I'm able to notarize the license and request forms to order a Certified Copy which all couples need to have proof of marriage. The fee includes the License, trip to courthouse, notary fees and request forms for certified copies.

I charge a small fee for this service which includes:

The purchase price of the License, my trip to the courthouse to purchase and pick up and drop of License, the notary fee, request forms for Certified Copies.

A Certified Copy is proof that you are married, for name change, even if bride is not changing her name you may need proof of marriage. You will need a coy for the following:

Social Security name change, Health Insurance, Driver's License name change, Banking, Immigration, Etc.

Gloria Sandoval Wedding Minister